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What is Rice Cups®?

Fresh, portable, and delicious, Rice Cups®  (also called Silver Rice Cups or SRCs for short) are Silver Rice’s unique take on sushi. Like rolls (maki) and bowls (chirashi), Rice Cups begin with a base of freshly-prepared sushi rice and are completed with the ingredients you might find in your favorite sushi dishes, including high-quality fish, fresh vegetables, and savory sauces. What makes Rice Cups unique, however, is the way they are served - in a cup perfect for eating on-the-go. 

We have been serving Rice Cups since our doors first opened in March 2014, and they are at the heart of what we do: combining the new and the classic to provide our customers with outstanding food for everyday enjoyment. Over the years we have offered an array of toppings - from salmon and tuna to tofu-vegetable medleys - but the Rice Cups have remained, at their core, constant. For us, this means high-grade sushi rice and tasty toppings served with the attention to detail we always give our food, all in a cup you can hold in one hand. 

We are proud to be the creators of Rice Cups, and the first restaurant to offer its customers this unique sushi experience. Stop by one of our Brooklyn locations and try out a Rice Cup today!